Building our business requires that we set more initial appointments, and that is a business process than management is accountable for. Here is how managers succeed at that.

Proof of Prospecting - Self-Paced Program for Managers

There are three distinct steps that a management team must take to create a customized, high performance and sustainable prospecting program: Design, Implement, and Manage. The Proof of Prospecting Self-Paced Program allows management to take those steps at the pace that their challenge and resources dictate. And, you can take the first step for free.

Take the three steps below to make immediate improvement to your team’s ability to set more initial appointments in less time; and then, sustain those gains for the long run.

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Step 1 - Design
Learn it Design it
Step 1- Learn to build a Best Practice. This step is Free.

Step 1 starts with a video, includes a 1 hour consultation on the Design it options to create a Best Practice and concludes with your having created a prospecting Best Practice using one of those options.

Learn what a Best Practice is all about and why it is critical to have a precise 'road map to success.' Work at your own pace to create a specific 'road-map to success' for your team.

The Step 1 video reviews other key elements of a quality prospecting program,
  • Metrics and Accountability
  • Motivation and Adoption
  • ROI

When you register, you will receive documents and calculators as references as you take the video class.

During the free consultation, you can also ask questions you may have about the other two Steps.

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There is absolutely no obligation to do
anything other than to watch the video.
There are three options to create a Best Practice.

  1. DIY - Contact Science will provide templates and tutorials to assist you in this Do It Yourself option.

  2. Pre-Packaged - There are a number of Best Practices already created for specific products and markets. Some are free (or, for a small fee.) Most are ready to use or only need a little tweaking to fit your personal preferences.

    Click here to learn more about this list of choices:
    • B2B Insurance Brokerages
    • Supplemental Ins: Colonial, Aflac DGAs
    • HubSpot Lead Pursuit
    • The Formula from CPG
    • Wendy Weiss Courses

  3. Best Practice Consulting and Customization- If you need professional help with the DIY or Pre-Packaged options, there are coaches, trainers and consultants who can help you tweak a program or create a customized program just for you.

    Also, turnkey programs are available for organizations that want someone to design your program, to implement your program and to assist your managers until they are comfortable managing it themselves. For more information about a turnkey program call 415-786-3156.

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Step 2 - Implement
Learn it Implement it
Step 2 - Learn to Implement your solution.

In this Step, Contact Science will build out your first Best Practice in Klpz, import your first list and train your Sales Team to use the Klpz software to operate your Best Practice.

This Step includes a short video for Managers on tips to implement your program. It includes
  • Setting caller goals
  • Getting Callers off to a good start
  • What to watch for in the first few weeks

Callers, in a combination of videos and Instructor-led web classes, will learn about the prospecting process, how to operate your Best Practice, and the benefits of metric to their success.

Other topics covered are how to handle various prospecting scenarios, how to prepare each week to assure calling goals are achieved, plus how to read, edit and analyze a Call Block report.

Implementation requires the training for two functions; your sales team and your administrator.

Contact Science will handle the first set of administrative duties to quick start your program.

  • Administrators have videos, plus free weekly instructor-led classes to learn the basic functions of importing lists and making edits to Best Practice messaging.
In this step, there are one-time and recurring fees to get your team enabled and trained on how to operate your Best Practice.

There are two components to training the sales team

  1. Basic Training Component includes:
    • Access to the Klpz Learning Library to watch videos at your own pace.
    • Power Start Video. When you are ready to begin making calls, watch this video to see how what you learned in the videos is used to get the process started and to make efficient use of your time making calls.
    • Weekly instructor-led Community Classes

  2. Instructor-Led Component. In addition to the Basics Component, the package includes
    • Two 1-hour private web-based team classes to address specific issues they face when prospecting.
    • Manager training described in Step 3 below..

Set-up Fee: $290 one-time

Training Fee: $700* one-time includes both Components

Per Caller/Per Month: $65

There are no fees for non-caller seats - managers, administrators, trainers.

* For one company, 2 managers and up to 10 callers.

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Step 3 - Manage
Learn it Manage it
Step 3 - Learn to Manage your process.

The Manage Step is a combination of video and consulting with prospecting experts to make sure that Managers know how to use metrics to measure, analyze and improve their prospecting program weekly.

Managers will achieve:

  • The short term goal to immediately impact the number of initial appointments set.

  • The long term goal of having a sustainable process that can be continuously improved.

Peter Drucker famously said 'What's measured, improves.' This is especially true for the business process of setting initial appointments.

The Manage Step includes two 1-hour instructor-led web classes for 2 managers per company; plus attendance at all of the caller classes.

Fees for this Step are included in the Implement fees.

Curriculum includes:

  • Running and analyzing Call Block and Goal Reports to detect under-performance or opportunities to improve performance.
  • How to customize a Prospector’s Handbook template to document your specific prospecting process.
  • How to use a Manager’s Handbook to conduct performance reviews and sales meetings.

Additional topics include Behavior Modification and the use of setting appointments as a litmus test for future success.

Click here for a .pdf version of this offer.

If you have questions about Proof of Prospecting, call 901-327-8686 or email Bob Howard