Select a Dialer option

A fast, easy, and accurate automated dialer integrated into your Roadmap.  Advanced Voicemail Drop and Call Recording options.

Clicking a button to autodial a phone number is efficient. This must-have feature makes autodialing faster and more accurate. But, not all autodialing software solutions are equal.

Whether callers use the Contact Science Process Dialer with your existing VOIP or they use ours, each and every dial is made precisely to the specifications of your appointment setting roadmap.

Contact Science can turn most VOIP PBXs with ‘click to dial’ into an advanced process dialer.

Or, choose the built-in Contact Science Process Dialer to benefit from these additional features:

  • Call Recording: Calls are recorded and placed on caller performance reports and in the target’s history so managers can easily listen to calls for coaching purposes.

  • Voicemail Drop: Voicemail Drop significantly increases the number of pursuits per hour and the quality of the messages left – at the same time. With a single click, callers seamlessly append a recorded message to a live message to reduce the time it takes to leave a personalized voicemail. This unique approach combines a ‘personalized voice’ component with a ‘perfect recording’ component.