Appointment setting is not rocket science.

Success is achieved from a sales rep dialing the phone at the right time with the right message to the right person and having the skills to convert a conversation into an appointment. Appointment setting is a business process that has three basic components 1) a Best Practice for the pursuit of a target, 2) a system to keep the sales rep well organized to follow the Best Practice quickly, easily, precisely and consistently, and 3) a set of skill techniques to convert the conversations generated into appointments.

Appointment setting metrics are not complex.

There are only two core metrics needed to analyze performance and only three directions to take to remedy underperformance. Efficiency is measured by the ratio of Conversations to Dials. Effectiveness is measured by the ratio of Appointments to Conversations. If the metrics are not where they should be, you can investigate one or more of these three issues: 1) improve the list (using Marketing feedback is a great way to do this) 2) improving Best Practices or 3) role play the skills that are not working as well as they should.

Appointment setting is not Management intensive.

The Contact Science system is a sales tool that does not require Manager involvement for proper operation; it is designed to be sales rep centric. That said, sales rep performance greatly benefits from a weekly 'Manager review' to help the sales rep identity problems and implement remedies. Sales reps control the system easily because our patented technology guides them through the perfect pursuit process (according to Best Practice) every single time.

Appointment setting using CRM is counter-productive.

Sales reps generally find using CRM to telephone prospect to be unwieldy, complicated and inefficient. Many complain that they spend more time working the software than they spend working the phone. The benchmark below comparing Contact Science Prospecting software with CRMs proves their point.

CRMs are event capture machines, so the mechanics to pursue 10 targets in a row requires a lot of clicking to navigate a lot of screens.

Contact Science 42 11 18 mins. 260 126 48 mins.
ConnectWise - Autotask 301 151 50 mins.
Act! 312 150 53 mins.

Prospecting is a process. The Contact Science process engine is highly efficient, keeps the sales rep prospecting according to your Best Practice, plus provides voicemail and emails.

Let's have a conversation about your current system and our appointment setting system to determine if we can help you to improve the flow of prospects into your pipeline.