Immersion - Appointment Setting Skills for MSPs

Why Immersion?

Appointment Setting Skills are a set of very specific techniques to control a conversation.  These techniques can be learned in a short period of time and simply require practice for a caller to become competent at using them.

Immersion leverages this fact with a compact, and comprehensive, training program where MSP callers learn, customize, and role play the twelve (12) core techniques for setting appointments to sell Managed Services.

What is taught during Immersion?

Using the core techniques, Immersion teaches callers how to succeed in four areas:

1.  Gatekeeper Engagement.  Gatekeepers can be a useful, but only if approached using respectful and professional techniques.

2.  Qualifying an Account.  This is a set of techniques to improve overall productivity by qualifying a target in, or out, during the first pursuit.  Students will learn how to combine the concept of list scrubbing and appointment setting into a powerful approach to qualifying any account.

3.  Converting Conversations into Appointments.  This unique sales skill begins when the target says 'Hello.'  Traditional selling skills are counter productive to appointment setting success.  Success requires a techniques specifically for the MSP appointment setter.  Students will learn the techniques, customize them to their personality; and then, role-play with MSP classmates to hone their new skills.

4.  Optional free class - Direct Mail Follow Up Calls.  Direct Mail campaigns can make it easier to generate a conversation, but it does not automatically follow that an appointment is easier to set.  If your company does Direct Mail campaigns, your caller should attend this free bonus class to learn  how their new techniques can be 'tweaked' for use during Direct Mail Follow-Up calls.

Are there prerequisites to taking this class?

No, callers do not have to use the Contact Science software.

No, callers do not have to have experience in the IT industry.  They don't really need to know what an MSP actually does.

No, callers do not need to have any previous skills training classes. They don't really need previous experience making prospecting calls.

What is the time commitment and cost?

Immersion classes do not require travel.  Classes are instructor-led via a webinar bridge.

1.  There are seven (7) classes, plus an optional class for callers who make Direct Mail follow up calls.

2.  Each class runs 60 to 75 minutes.  For every class, plan for 30 to 45 minutes of homework - Eg. personalizing a technique, customizing an opening script or discussing tactics with management.

3.  Managers are welcome to attend the sessions at no charge and should be available to your caller to answer questions about company preferences.

Next Class Starts on May 7, 2019.   Here is the Immersion Schedule.

To register, or request more information, contact Bob at  901.327.8686

$895 per student*.  Additional students from same company $420 each.

*Note: Included in the fee are three videos that cover the techniques, which are yours for use in sales meetings and local skills reviews. Watch Video 1 now.