For Managed Service Providers

Pre-Built Programs for MSP Appointment Setting

For the MSP community, Contact Science has tailored a specific, proven program for setting appointment with small businesses perfectly combining the elements of Science, Best Practice and Art.

Science.  Contact Science software integrates with Autotask and ConnectWise (also, and ZoHo)  MSPs can decide when they wish to update their PSA with new information.  Updating options range from real-time to on-demand.

Best Practices. Contact Science provides multiple pre-built roadmaps for pursuits based on MSP requirements for cold calling, referral pursuits, lead follow-up, direct mail campaign follow-ups, 'warm 250' strategies, plus basic list scrubbing. (These Best Practices are included with registration at no additional charge.)

Art. The skills and appointment setting techniques for success in the MSP industry are unique.  And, this component of the process must be addressed.  Contact Science can assist MSPs in three ways:

  • Support of Peer Group Training Programs.  Many MSP Peer Groups have their own unique skills training programs.  We support all approaches, in some cases with unique data fields and script displays.

  • Recommending Outsource Options.  For MSPs who do not have the bandwidth or desire to manage an appointment setting program, there are quality, proven outsource options which we can recommend.

  • Contact Science Skills Training Program. Contact Science offers our custom program called Handling the NO. (You do NOT need to be a Contact Science customer to participate in the Appointment Setting Skills Training programs.)

Handling the NO

Appointment setters in the MSP space have unique challenges, which require unique techniques. [click to learn more] Our Handling the NO program is valuable for new appointment setters or experienced appointment setters who need to understand the uniqueness of MSP appointment setting.  (pushbacks such as 'we already outsource' or 'talk to my tech guy')

Handling the NO has three options from which to choose:

1. Video Series - Designed specifically for the MSP appointment setter, the Skills Curriculum package includes three videos, plus a word document with the scripting for each technique.  Callers can learn the techniques, plus how to personalize them to fit their voice.  The Skills Curriculum is purchased one time for use by all current and future callers.

Watch Video 1.  

Skills Curriculum: $475 one-time fee per company.

2. Immersion Classes - Participate with other MSP callers to dig deeper into the techniques, plus role play to practice these new skills. [click for Immersion details] Eight classes cover the psychology of appointment setting, including techniques to qualify an account, to handle the specific pushbacks in the MSP space, to get past a gatekeeper and how to tweak the techniques for lead and direct mail follow-up calls.

Immersion: $420 per student (requires that Video Series is already owned by company)

3. Private Coaching- For some companies, private coaching is a fast way to get callers down the learning curve.  After watching the videos, callers can schedule two 1 on 1 private web classes to get started.  There, an instructor helps the caller to finalize their opening script, to answer questions about the use of the techniques and to role play key techniques.  At the end of the first two sessions, additional private classes can be scheduled, if needed.  

Private Coaching: $275 per caller for first 2-session package.

For more information, click here, or contact Bob Howard - 901.327.8686