Appointment Setting Skills Training for MSPs

The first answer received when asking for an appointment is never a YES. Caller success is directly dependent on specialized techniques for Handling the NO - the first one, plus subsequent ones.

Setting appointments is a separate sales skill that must be tweaked for every product and market. Callers setting appointments to present Managed Services are no exception. Handling the NO is a skills training program tailored specifically to the MSP industry.

Handling the NO has two components:

Skills Curriculum
1-on-1 Classes

For more information contact Bob at 901.327.8686

Skills Curriculum

Designed specifically for the MSP appointment setter, the Skills Curriculum deliverables include three videos, plus a word document with the scripting for each technique. Callers will be taught the techniques, plus how to personalize them to fit their personality. The Skills Curriculum is purchased one time for use by all current and future callers.

Watch Video 1.

Skills Curriculum: $475 one-time fee per company.

For more information contact Bob at 901.327.8686

1-on-1 Classes

After watching the videos, callers schedule two 1-on-1 private web classes. There, an instructor helps the caller to finalize their opening script, to answer questions about the use of the techniques and to role play key techniques.

Fee for both classes: $275 total for each caller.

For more information contact Bob at 901.327.8686

Caller Club

The Caller Club is a place to continuously learn and hone the skills needed to succeed at setting appointments. Specifically, setting appointments in the MSP space.

For many MSPs, keeping their callers sharp is difficult for one or more reasons:
1. They are the only caller in the company. There is no one to brainstorm with about challenges.
2. The manager is not skilled at appointment setting, so they cannot coach that skill.
3. Managers don't really have the time to brainstorm or coach.

The result is that there is no Continuing Education. And, without Continuing Education, even the most professional and productive caller will veer off plan, get stumped or lose focus. In many cases, they don't notice; until their performance or productivity start trending downward.

Caller Club is a place to learn and to compare notes with others doing exactly the same job.

Here is how it works:
There are 12 sessions - two instructor-led webinar sessions a month for six months. The agenda for each session follows the same format:

• Real World Challenges. Members can submit a challenge they have just encountered, or has bothered them for years. The moderator and other members on the call will respond.

• Topic of the Day. There are 12 topics covered during the 24 weeks. The topics are repeated during the next 24 weeks, with updates based on what was learned about the topic from the last session.

Note: Since we repeat the topics in the same order, members can begin at any time and we will cover every topic in the next six months.

Here are the topics:
1. Not interested, Happy now, Very, very happy with current team. Responses to these classic push backs.
2. Too Busy. The three different scenarios (includes why disengage is so valuable)
3. Not the right person. How to point out why they actually are.
4. Send Literature. How not to do it and how to do it if you must.
5. I outsource already. The psychology of, and the ideal response to, a common push back.
6. How are you different? How to describe your company with 'value.'
7. Pivot Questions. Smart ways to tamp down negativity by changing the subject.
8. Qualifying on the first call. How to do it, why try and what to do if you cannot.
9. Scenario Best Practices. Clones, Removes, No Answers, Rude HangUps
10. Gatekeeper Openings. Proven tactics to navigate a tough part of the process.
11. Great Decision Maker Openings. The elements, options and why it really matters.
12. How and Where Marketing can help. Strategies to increase the number of conversations via Marketing. And, implementation options if you don't have a Marketing department.

• Role Play. Based on the topic and the challenge, there will be some role play in order to hear how the technique sounds. Also, this helps students 'hear' how the technique plays out in different voices.

Handling the NO is not a pre-requisite for Caller Club.

Cost is $125 a month with six months minimum. $750 total. Covers all 12 sessions.

For more information contact Bob at 901.327.8686