Appointment Setting Skills Training for MSPs

The first answer received when asking for an appointment is never a YES. Caller success is directly dependent on specialized techniques for Handling the NO - the first NO, plus all the subsequent ones. Good techniques dramatically improve the probability of converting a conversation into an appointment.

Setting appointments is a separate sales skill that must be tweaked for every product and market. Setting appointments to present Managed Services are no exception. Handling the NO is a skills training program tailored specifically to the MSP industry.

Handling the NO has two components:

The Skills Curriculum
The Options to continue learning

For more information contact Bob at 901.327.8686

Skills Curriculum

Designed specifically for the MSP appointment setter, the Skills Curriculum deliverables include three videos, plus a word document with the scripting for each technique. Callers can learn the techniques, plus how to personalize them to fit their personality. The Skills Curriculum is purchased one time for use by all current and future callers.

Watch Video 1.

Skills Curriculum: $475 one-time fee per company.

For more information contact Bob at 901.327.8686

Options to continue learning

After watching the videos, callers can participate in or both options to continue to hone their skills.

Option 1 - Private 1-on-1 web classes. With this option, an instructor helps the caller to finalize their opening script, to answer questions about the use of the techniques and to role play key techniques.

Two class package: $275 total for each caller.

Option 2 - Immersion. Join other MSP callers in a multi-week program that combines skills training and role play. Includes a bonus class on techniques to use when doing Direct Mail follow-up calls. Learn more about Immersion.

The 8 class program: $420 (requires purchase of Video Series)

Note: The Farm Club staffing option for MSPs includes the Videos, plus options 1 and 3. Learn more about Farm Club.

For more information contact Bob at 901.327.8686