Elements, Features and Pricing


$80 per caller seat
Non Caller Seats are Free
Software Training is Free
Month to Month
No Contract

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  • Integrated automatic email follow-ups
  • Direct mail Roadmap for perfectly timed calls
  • Unlimited Roadmaps, Use simultaneously
  • Email customization with unlimited templates
  • Company and personal email templates
  • Appointment notification feature
  • Real time reporting
  • Accurate process metrics
  • Dedupe and mass update features
  • Dashboards for teams
  • Cloud based


$25 per seat
Use our integrated VOIP ‘Click to Dial’ Process Dialer which includes Call Recording

Additional $20 per seat for VoiceMail Drop add-on

Use your VOIP ‘Click to Dial’ as Process Dialer (Voicemail Drop not available)

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  • Click to Dial
  • Call Recordings in reporting and in history
  • Voicemail Drop
  • Simple Voicemail Drop 'record and preview'
  • Use desk phone, softphone or cell phone


Monthly fee is based on number of contacts with a valid email address:

$20 / 0 - 500 emails
$35 / 501 - 2500
$50 / 2501 - 5000
$80 / 5001 - 10000
10001+ - request quote

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  • Email history in prospecting history
  • Classic email blast
  • Classic email drip
  • Email blast support for direct mail Roadmaps
  • Set Drip after Roadmap completed
  • Drip ‘auto-pause’ during subsequent Roadmap
  • Drip ‘auto-resume’ after subsequent Roadmap completion
  • Use any combination of fields to create profiles (manage data, not lists)
  • Lead Scoring – three versions
  • Lead Scoring on prospect selection screen
  • One Marketing account serves all seats


$200 one time fee per Integration Pair
Integration fee applies to API interface into third party platforms, or to access to Contact Science Web Services

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  • Real-time data updating
  • Optional, free, activity record creation
  • Multiple Integration Pairs update data simultaneously
  • Move entire databases between two or more platforms
  • AutoTask, ConnectWise, Salesforce.com, ZoHo
  • HubSpot, InfusionSoft, MindMatrix
  • WebServices available to create custom Integrations


$465 Onboarding Fee
Includes Live Customer Service, Software Training, plus the Onboarding Package

Additional services available at hourly rates. $40 for administrative services, $80 for private software training classes, $175 for Manager training and consulting.

Recommended – Implementation Budget
Every process implementation plan is different.  So, we recommend a conversation about what your implementation budget might include, if anything.   
Implementation budgets can range between zero dollars (you can learn all you need from our free classes) to a $1000 or more (you need assistance in one or more areas of Process Transition, Administrative Services, Private Training Classes or Consulting.)

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Onboarding Package (Included features, services)
  • Roadmap design and construction consultation
  • Install the appointment setting Roadmap you design
  • Configure company account and personal logins
  • Create caller accounts configured with choice of Process Dialer
  • Schedule caller training on software and dialer
  • Review and install the list of targets to be called
  • Create up to 50 custom defined fields
  • Enable optional Marketing services at company/caller levels, as needed
  • Review and define any ongoing support, training and consulting needs
  • Manager and Caller review of Call Block performance metrics
Ongoing Onboarding Services
  • Live Customer Service
  • Instructor-led software training classes for callers and administrators
  • Instructor-led Manager training primer
  • Videos for self-paced learning