Contact Science Prospecting

Every appointment setting challenge is a little different. Our out of the box solution includes consulting from us to get the first Best Practices right, your sales reps making calls as soon as possible and a private review of the first full week of calling.

Standard Features

  • Manager Training Suite - Four 1-hour sessions that include Managing with Metrics, Personalized 'First Call Block' review, Manager's Process review and a 'week 6' report review with Caller and Manager.
  • Instructor led software training for Callers, Managers and Administrators.
  • Power User Class for advanced Callers.
  • Best Practice template. Create your own messaging, we will input your first one.
  • First call list. Send us your list and we will import for you.
  • Free Best Practices (including voicemails and emails) for Referrals and Follow-Up calls.
  • Popular email templates. Create as many as you need.
  • WebService access to your data.
  • Click to Dial integration to your phone system.
  • Performance reports delivered by email (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • Live Customer Service.

Cool Options

  • CRM integration to Autotask, ConnectWise,, ZoHo and HubSpot.
  • Click to Dial with recordings on performance reports.
  • Best Practice voicemail and email scripting development.
  • Administrative Services.
  • Advanced Manager Training Sessions.
  • Prospecting Program Reviews.
  • One on One Caller Sales Rep training sessions.
  • Custom software development.

Contact Science Marketing

Your marketing efforts can directly impact the success of your appointment setting program. At the beginning of each week a sales rep must add new names to their call list to replace those that left the list during last weeks calling activity. Sales reps can use 'Attention Scoring' to select targets that are 'warmer' because they are paying attention to your marketing campaigns. This 'better list' will improve performance over calling targets that don't know anything about you.

Standard Features

  • Direct integration with Contact Science Prospecting.
  • Drip Rules integrated into Prospecting Best Practice.
  • One account serves all Callers and Marketers.
  • Unlimited email sending per month.
  • 'Audience Builder' using Prospecting Database to create Blast and Drip lists.
  • 'Attention Scoring' to track and rank who is opening emails and clicking links.
  • Pre-built drip templates. We will input your first campaign.
  • WebForm integration.
  • Instructor-led software training for all users.

Cool Options

  • Administrative Services.
  • Content building for Newsletters, Drip Campaigns and Blogs.

Appointment Setting Skills

Appointment Setting Skills directly influence how effectively a sales rep converts conversations into appointments. And, most any skills approach works, if you work it. If you do not have an appointment setting solution, we can help. We have custom designed a curriculums for a lot of industries, we can create a custom curriculum for you, or we can assist you to create your own.

PreBuilt Curriculum Available for

  • Managed Service Providers.
  • Accounting Services.
  • Business Insurance.
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Colonial or Aflac Supplemental Insurance.
  • Copy Machines.
  • Transportation (Asset / Brokerage).
  • Franchise (call us to learn more).
  • Financial Planner.
  • Commercial Pest Control.

Custom Development Options

Contact Science or One of our professional sales training partners can create a custom set of techniques for your sales reps to use to handle their chats with gatekeepers and their appointment setting conversations with decision makers.

On a budget, hands-on, or both? Ask us about our 'do-it-yourself' curriculum development options.

Need an appointment setter?

Once you have your Contact Science process in place, the next question is 'Who Makes the Calls?' With custom Best Practices, activity transparency and reporting accuracy, you manage the process exactly the same no matter who is making calls.

We can help with these three options

  1. If you wish to recruit someone locally, you need a job description and compensation package. Make sure your candidates know exactly what you really need.
  2. If you don't have time to recruit a caller, let us recruit someone for you. We specialize in finding folks who have the right 'attitude and aptitude' to work the phones.
  3. If you would like to outsource the entire process, we can introduce you to professional 'appointment setting' companies who will operate your specific Contact Science process. The callers are already trained on Contact Science software so they will call into your database, using your process and will review performance with you using Contact Science reports. This is a good option for companies who don't need a full-time caller, since the outsourcers can do as little as 100 dials a week.