Marketing tools will improve program performance

Set more appointments with help from ContactScience® Marketing tools: email blast, email drip and direct mail.

ContactScience® Marketing tools help boost the results of your appointment setting activities! 

Integrated ContactScience® email marketing and direct mail tools create awareness and mindshare, provide valuable data, and raise the temperature of a cold call to a call that is a little warmer. 

Email marketing has long been used to create awareness and ‘calls to action,’ which increase lead generation.  
ContactScience® integrated email marketing also offers valuable data, showing callers which targets are opening emails and clicking on links.
Targets are scored based on their interaction with emails. When callers add new names to their weekly call list (cold call or warm call,) they can review the scoring data and add targets who seem to be paying attention to your marketing emails. 
ContactScience® Marketing also includes email drip.  Email drip campaigns keep promising cold calling targets warm between your telephone pursuits.

Already have an email marketing tool? Check out our integrations to see how we might interface with your current marketing platform.

There is a subtle, but important, difference between using direct mail as a marketing campaign and using direct mail as a prospecting touch for business development.  To get maximum prospecting value from a direct mail touch, a very timely follow up phone call must be made. 

  • With ContactScience®, nothing is mailed until the caller has the bandwidth to make a timely follow up call.
  • Caller activity drives the sending of mailers. Callers dictate who should, or should not, receive a direct mail piece. 
  • Gone are ineffective campaigns where sales people chase 100's of pieces of mail that were dropped at the Post Office on the same day!
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Quick note: If you are a Managed Service Provider, ContactScience® has a special set of solutions for MSPs.