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If you’re on this page you may be looking for more information on how to join a ContactScience® Program.

But please note that you won’t be able to join a program without meeting with me first.

That’s because while most every company can benefit from the ContactScience® process approach to prospecting, we should first make sure your company is a good candidate.

Plus, there are at three different options to engage with ContactScience® and I want to make certain that you get the option that is best suited for your budget and needs.

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In the meantime, if you want to know more about what makes ContactScience® unique, here’s eight reasons that our clients tell us why the ContactScience® process approach is their #1 choice to improve their sales team’s prospecting performance.


We will take the risk, not you.

If together we cannot design it, do not do it.

If you have tried, and failed, to solve the appointment setting problem before, ContactScience® might feel like deja vu. We get that. Heck, in our 15 years, we have on occasion advised prospects that we see a better solution for them with another vendor. No reason for us to take on a customer who could not succeed with our approach. No reason for you to invest in something until you see what it looks like.

So, if you are committed to finding a solution, we will work with you to design the right solution for you. If the best solution for you does not fit into our process engine approach, we can suggest who can help and refund your money. If the solution does fit, then our customer service team will begin an onboarding plan to get your team making calls as fast as possible.


Get off the ‘hopium’ with a customized process for setting appointments.

Sadly, many companies don’t have a thought-out plan, much less a real process for their sales team to follow to set appointments. Those companies hire sales reps with the hope that they know how to do that task. Hope is not a strategy.

ContactScience® is a straightforward solution to this critical and difficult process - generating a conversation, which can be converted into an initial appointment, which can result in a new prospect entering the pipeline.

Management can design the exact best practice they need their team to follow.


Accountability, transparency, metric accuracy.

These are not the words typically associated with appointment setting, but these are the foundation for a successful appointment setting process. Yes, appointment setting is a business process like any other process that drives a business.

Sales reps can be held accountable for operating the process and doing so in the correct way. The process reports on the activity it sees and provides accurate reports in real-time. Salespeople do not provide reporting information, the process reports on itself.


Fast, easy, precise.

Again, not words that sales reps say about their last cold calling session. More likely, the words they would use are slow, hard and fruitless.

This is where the ContactScience® process automation solution shines. Sales reps can quickly and easily pursue 100s of targets simultaneously and perfectly. They will never get lost.

Learning to operate your custom process is so easy ContactScience® trains callers for free. Administrators also.

Everyone gets down a short learning curve with a combination of self-learning videos, instructor led weekly classes and fantastic live customer service.


A Manager’s peace of mind.

Most managers have never really learned how appointment setting works. Their first boss was not skilled at it. This is not a process for which many managers have had a successful experience.

With the ContactScience® approach, managers will not only know how it works, they will be able to monitor, measure and analyze the process for insights into where to coach the team for improvement.

With a single, accurate, comprehensive report, a front-line manager will see exactly how things are going. ContactScience® provides documentation and hands on manager training to show the power of process metrics. This includes remedies when things aren’t going as well as they should.


Adds value to their day.

If it is difficult to do, if it seems random, if it is perceived as fruitless (even if it helps make bank,) sales reps resist making time to telephone prospect. Sadly, whether based on perception or reality, some sales rep decide that prospecting is a waste of time and they simply stop doing it. In worst case scenarios, they tell the CRM they did the work, when they didn’t.

A proven system to fill the pipeline is hard to resist. An engine that helps set more appointments in less time to consistently keep the pipeline full is easy to embrace. Plus, having accurate metrics to point out where improvement is needed provides confirmation of the path forward to success.

With ContactScience®, sales reps have the right tools and necessary guidance to reach their weekly dial, conversation and appointment setting goals.


Exceptional customer support.

Our clients can make a phone call to customer support where they feel empowered, knowledgeable, and valued. Being part of your team is not a trite catchphrase to us. Just tell us what you need.

We know the scenarios that callers face every day. We can help them when they need to know how the software will address scenarios and how they wish to address those scenarios.

For managment, we have solutions that range from you becoming totally self-sufficient in supporting your version of ContactScience®, to our doing all the legwork for small hourly fees. The care and feeding of this business process toolkit are straightforward and simple.


Plays well with other software.

At its core, the ContactScience® solution is a process engine. A software package specifically designed for the appointment setting process. During that process, data is gathered. Some of which is useful to other software packages.

To that end, ContactScience® integrates with other software, plus includes a webservice for other software to integrate with ContactScience®. Current integrations include Salesforce.com, ZoHo, Connectwise, Autotask, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Target Pipeline and SharpSpring.


The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely believe that there is simply no better choice for implementing a proven, efficient, prospecting solution into your business other than ContactScience®.

That said, we should chat. Let’s dig into your prospecting and appointment settings needs and decide, together, whether ContactScience® or someone/something else is a right option for you.

BookaChat to learn what will happen when we meet.

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