Design your ideal Prospecting Roadmap

The right call at the right time with the right message.

ContactScience® Prospecting helps your callers pursue every target faster, easier, and with more precision than ever before. 

A patented process engine, ContactScience® provides a roadmap for your prospecting team, increasing caller productivity. Callers can simultaneously operate multiple steps in perfect pursuit of hundreds of targets and never get lost. Managers can easily monitor, measure, and analyze performance for coaching and improvement.

Successful sales prospecting requires specific steps to be precisely followed, transparently monitored, and accurately measured.   

An effective appointment setting roadmap must specify: 
  • How many times to call?
  • How frequently to make calls?
  • What message to deliver if there is no contact?
  • Which messaging devices to use?
  • What to do if contact is not made during the pursuit?
  • What to do if the account could not be qualified during the pursuit?  

The ContactScience® software helps you succeed at prospecting new business through specific, automated, accurately tracked steps that address those factors. 

Put simply, ContactScience® Prospecting dramatically improves your sales prospecting process, making it:

  • Automated: ContactScience® Prospecting automates the prospecting process. Your callers consistently follow a specific set of steps in the fastest, easiest, and most precise way possible.

  • Measurable: ContactScience® Prospecting provides real-time performance reports that are exceptionally accurate and actionable. Using these credible metrics, managers can easily identify weaknesses to take corrective actions.

  • Transparent: ContactScience® Prospecting cannot be gamed. Every appointment setting step your callers make is transparent and can be verified as being done. 

ContactScience® Prospecting includes popular features such as integrated email, direct mail pursuit logic, email blast support, click to dial autodialers, message prompting, voicemail drop, and a personal progress dashboard.  

Plus, callers don’t do any reporting tasks. The process engine reports on itself.

Management enjoys real-time, accurate activity reporting, big screen dashboards, appointment notifications, and tight integration to CRM and marketing platforms.
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Quick note: If you are a Managed Service Provider, ContactScience® has a special set of solutions for MSPs.