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Enabling the Science of telephone prospecting to turn your leads into appointments.


Our analysis of why sales reps so often failed at telephone prospecting revealed that ‘cold calling’ requires organization skills that few possess. The solution is to recognize that telephone prospecting is a business process and that a ‘process based’ solution will simplify everything. Process solves the organizational problem, plus provides critical metrics automatically. The secret sauce is simplicity.

In 2003, the company focused on the independent sales professional who must ‘prospect or perish’ with a SAAS offering that was basically a one man call center. A sales rep could easily do the three jobs of caller, administrator and manager by themselves. The result was a simple user interface to keep a sales reps organized, an administration tab for list and content loading, plus an accurate, actionable performance report. An individual sales rep can now follow their pursuit plans perfectly using software that is a ‘no brainer’ to learn.

Expansion to an enterprise version included interfaces to popular CRMs and modules for Marketing and Forecasting, plus expanded manager reports, training and Best Practice suggestions. All staying faithful to the original mission of removing the pain and increasing productivity through simplicity. Now, as in 2003, software training is free for sales reps and for software administrators.

Going forward, ContactScience® continues to make enhancements that enable more creative pursuit plans. Direct mail fulfillment software, autodialing, voicemail drop and video emails are a few of the latest features.


"I have worked in multiple CRMs, but Contact Science is by far the most user friendly and easiest that I have used. We are able to quickly export call recordings if necessary, allowing us to ensure that our best practices are being followed. Their marketing tool is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the prospecting side of the software so our callers can reference any drip emails that have been blasted out."

by Allison

"Contact Science has added exponential value to my company. Their marketing software is easy to use and has allowed me to take advantage of both blast and drip campaigns. Their accurate click metric reporting has provided critical information to aid the success of my marketing efforts. Additionally, their customer service team has provided exceptional support in a timely manner above my expectations."

by Nitin