Appointment Setting

appointment setting

In today’s world, prospects are harder to reach than ever before. As a result, your sales representatives must bring their A game when a connection is made. However, the quality of outreach not only depends on the abilities of your sales team, but the tools they have to work with. Appointment setting from ContactScience® helps your sales representatives pursue every target faster, easier, and with more precision than ever before. With two screens to handle any scenario, reps focus on talking to prospects and not on software.

Appointment Setting Made Simple

As a patented process engine, ContactScience® provides a roadmap for your prospecting team, helping to increase efficiency and drive productivity. Your team can simultaneously operate multiple steps in pursuit of hundreds of targets and never get lost. Furthermore, managers easily monitor, measure, and analyze performance for coaching and improvement.

Customized roadmaps are your premier solution for utilizing personalized and highly targeted messaging within your sales process. These roadmaps, or prospecting touches, to help book appointments include:

  • Phone: Cold calling has been a tried and true method of prospecting for hundreds of years. Our process dialer has click-to-dial, an auto dial feature, call recording abilities, as well as an optional voicemail drop!

  • Email: This feature involves a sequence of pre-written, automated emails that are sent to prospects following a specific action trigger. Email is an effective prospecting tool for helping potential leads learn about your brand or encourage them to take the next step.

  • Social Media: If you’re looking for a way to create social media messaging right at your fingertips, ContactScience® is the platform for you. With the ability to create custom messages to send to your contacts, your sales reps can record every social media message they’ve delivered.

  • Letter: Are you looking for a more personal way for your sales team to follow up on a great conversation? The letter option is the perfect way to utilize a more personalized ‘touch’ when connecting with potential prospects.

  • And More


  • Bookmark: When your sales reps run a call block report, they are able to bookmark a particular contact as part of the history of the account, making revisiting a particular prospect hassle-free.
  • Call Instructions: Do many of your contacts utilize a phone tree or extensions? With the call instructions feature, your team can add instructions to a specific contact, allowing them to jump right to that prospect on the phone instead of going through the entire connection process.
  • Preferred Number: These days, prospects utilize an office phone, a cell phone, and countless other numbers. With the ability to set a preferred number for a particular contact, your sales reps will always know which phone number is best to use during the next pursuit.
  • Auto-Dial: With the ability to turn auto-dial on and off with just one click, your sales reps can quickly dial through a list of names.
  • And More

Is your company looking for an efficient process that will generate more conversions and turn them into appointments? With appointment setting from ContactScience®, generating meaningful conversions has never been easier.

Equip your sales team with the tools required to increase prospecting efficiency, create awareness, and improve forecasting. To learn more information about appointment setting from ContactScience®, request a free consultation from our experts today!

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