Voicemail Drop

Is your business searching for a way to help your sales representatives reach more leads in less time? Phone calls are a key part of every workday, however the vast majority of phone calls do end up going to voicemail. While your sales reps could leave personalized voicemails for each prospect, they’re wasting valuable time by doing so. With the voicemail drop feature from ContactScience®, sales representatives can drop a pre-recorded voicemail for every step in their cadence or call cycle, with just a click of a button.

Voicemail drop offers a multitude of beneficial features, including:

  • Simple voicemail drop record and preview

  • Multiple pre-recorded messages available

  • Personalized messages for each sales rep

  • Cloud based

  • And more

How Does Voicemail Drop Work?

How many times have you stumbled over your words or forgotten an all-important detail when leaving a voicemail? With ContactScience®, leaving a voicemail has never been easier. Prior to calling their prospect list, your sales representatives can record their desired message. Once they are on the phone call, if it goes to voicemail, they can simply leave a message with the click of a button, “dropping” their pre-recorded voicemail in seconds. The best part? Instead of waiting for the voicemail to be completed, they can move on to the next prospect, helping to save time and maximize efficiency in the workplace.

Voicemail drop offers a host of advantages for your business, including:

  • Keeping contact information straight

  • Increasing prospecting efficiency

  • Granting the ability to deliver longer messages

  • Minimizing error

  • Facilitating a calling cadence

  • And more

Reclaim Selling Time With Voicemail Drop

Gone are the days of having to recite full voicemail messages. Increase your call volume and generate more conversations with voicemail drop from ContactScience®. Request a free consultation with our experts today for more information!

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