An Appointment Setting Toolkit for Autotask

The Appointment Setting System That Feeds Autotask

Appointment setting is a business process on the sales side of the house. Success at this process requires specific tools for sales reps and their managers that work seamlessly with Autotask. (Integration is quick and easy to do.)

With Contact Science, setting appointments to grow your business is now a viable strategy.

See the Appointment Setting Toolkit in 3 1/2 minutes

As a front-end to Autotask, we provide value to the sales rep by making the process easier and faster to operate precisely according to management specifications. For Managers we provide a simple, accurate quantifiable performance report to measure, monitor, analyze and coach the sales rep to continuously improve.

Contact Science can also provide a conduit to move data to/from InfusionSoft and HubSpot. To learn more, watch this short video about Ditto.

Autotask is a great platform to run your business, but not so great if your job is to set appointments or manage the process.

A Comprehensive Solution for MSPs

Appointment setting is the only true way to control your own destiny.

Inbound marketing can take you only so far. And, the old adage - when there is no wind, row - perfectly speaks to the role of cold calling when the flow of prospects into the pipeline is not sufficient to grow the business.

We have a range of solutions to help MSPs become more proactive in growing their business.

1. Efficient, Process-Based Prospecting Software (which interfaces to ConnectWise)
2. Best Practices which include voicemails and emails to use during the pursuit.
3. Sales rep training on how to handle the conversation when someone answers the phone.
4. Manager training on how to get the most out of the process without spending tons of time reviewing reports.
5. Integrated email marketing that is simple enough to use that the Sales Rep can generate leads and keep their territory warm.
6. Long term consulting to help keep your program on track and improving.

We specialize in helping MSPs build and implement a successful appointment setting process that grows their business.