List Provisioning

For many Companies, a list of potential customers is a big challenge for their marketing and telephone prospecting needs. 

There are two lists of interest one for Marketing and one for Prospecting. The Marketing list is every single company that fits the profile of an ideal customer, while the Prospecting list is a subset of the Marketing list. The Prospecting list contains the companies that will be called by a sales rep within a given year.

The Prospecting list is often analogous to a sales territory in the sense that a sales territory can be considered the list of companies you are willing to call to set an appointment.

As a rule of thumb, the size of a Prospecting list is calculated based on the commitment to prospecting activity made by a sales rep. For instance, if a sales rep commits to making 100 dials a week, using an industry standard Best Practice for Cold Calling, that sales rep can reach out to 900 companies a year. For example, if the commitment 350 dials a week, the sales rep can reach out to 3150 companies.

Companies need to find a list that has the profile of an ideal customer so there is a high probability of getting the right answers to qualifying questions when the sales rep calls.

For most Companies, there are more targets in their territory than they can call, so they want to do Marketing to those targets to see if they can generate a 'hot lead.' A hot lead will 'raise their hand' asking for attention because they saw something in your marketing material that was of interest to them. There is also a concept of a 'warm lead' which is defined as someone who is opening your Marketing emails and clicking on the links inside them.

Contact Science MARKETING, scores the targets who interact with the emails to show the caller who is 'paying attention.' This allows them to improve the list of targets they are calling. To learn more about Marketing options available through Contact Science, please visit Marketing Tools will Improve Program Performance.