Marketing tools will improve program performance

Marketing can support the Sales Rep’s most difficult task: generating conversations.

For most companies, the classic role for Marketing to generate conversations with Inbound campaigns do not generate enough conversations, so Sales Reps hit the phones.

Marketing has three specific roles to help Sales Reps when they hit the phones. These three roles assist Sales Reps in different ways; all of which are focused on generating more conversations.

Email Blast and Scoring

Prospecting Drip

Direct Mail Infused Prospecting

Email Blast
and Scoring

ContactScience® integrated email marketing provides scores to highlight to Sales which targets are opening emails and clicking on links.

When Sales Reps add new names to their weekly call list (cold call or warm call,) they can review 

the scoring data and add targets who seem to be paying attention to the marketing email

From a prospecting point of view, Sales does not care about the actual score; any target with a score is more interesting to call than a target without a score.

Prospecting drip

Prospecting Drip is an email drip campaign to keep promising targets warm between the telephone pursuits. 

ContactScience® Prospecting Drip is a series of personal emails sent automatically every two or three weeks to keep the Sales Rep in front of the target until the next conversation.

Prospecting Drip campaigns can be created for different market segments. Typically, they are informational and educations, not salsey. 

When the Sales Rep places the target on their call list to begin the follow up calls, the Prospecting Drip is automatically paused so as not to interfere with the pursuit emails.

Direct Mail
Infused Prospecting

There is a subtle, but important, difference between using direct mail as a marketing campaign and using direct mail as a prospecting touch for business development.  To get maximum prospecting value from a direct mail touch, a very timely follow up phone call must be made.

Timely Follow up

With ContactScience®, nothing is mailed until the Sales Rep has the bandwidth to make a timely follow up call. 

Reps in control

Sales Reps dictate who should, or should not, receive a direct mail piece.  Sales Reps activity drives the sending mailers. Gone are ineffective campaigns where Sales Reps chase 100's of pieces of mail that were dropped at the Post Office on the same day!


Sales and Marketing communicate efficiently within the application with tools specially built for Marketing. The feature provides the list of targets, plus a means to notify Sales of the expected delivery dates.

At minimum, every Sales Team needs Marketing tools for Email Blast, Prospecting Drip and Direct Mail.