MSP Toolkit

A comprehensive approach to install a successful appointment setting program.

Appt Setter Skills - Caller

Improve a valuable asset

Train your callers. 

The largest line item in the appointment setting budget is the caller. Getting the most from your caller’s efforts is a smart investment. 

The skills to set MSP appointments have unique elements that even experienced callers need to know. Invest in skills training. 

Invest in KLPZ Cohort where callers can continue to hone their skills.

Manager Training

Learn to coach a caller

Coach your caller. 

Coaching appointment setters is not typically a skill set in the MSP management team. This is not surprising. 

The good news is that coaching a caller is much easier than it seems, and Contact Science will guide you through the details. 

Both caller and manager are trained to view performance in the same way and managers learn how to critique performance with coaching techniques that are easily understood by attending KLPZ Council. 

Prospecting Software

Faster, easy, more precise pursuits

Make the prospecting plan quick and easy to follow.

Provide your caller with a prospecting system so they can pursue leads faster, more precise and according to your campaign design. Don’t waste their time with clunky software.

Contact Science metrics quantify prospecting performance. Easily identify shortcomings and pick remedies to consistently improve performance.

Marketing Tool

Who is paying attention

Provide Marketing support to the appointment setting effort. 

Use email blast and drip marketing automation to identify leads who are paying attention to your message. Free content for blast and drip campaigns.

Use drip campaigns after conversations to continue to deliver your message to qualified leads.

Even small marketing budgets can provide big support to appointment setting.