MSP Toolkit Pricing

Which element are you lacking to have a successful appointment setting program? Choose 1 or all. 

Appt Setter Skills - Caller

$500 one-time

 10 Videos covering mindset cover mindset, techniques for handling Too Busy, Not Interested, Happy Now, Already Outsource, plus questions to control the conversation

 Companion Workbook

 How to customize the techniques to fit your ‘prospecting topic.’

 How to put the techniques into your own voice

$100 month

 Invest in Caller Cohort groups where callers can continue to hone their skills. Meets 2 times a month.

Manager Training

$300 one-time

 Setting caller expectations and goals

 How to conduct a weekly performance review

 How to evaluate a call recording and Role Play to correct

 Two Private Coaching Sessions

$100 month

 Monthly Manager Council Session

Prospecting Software

$760 one-time / $105 month

 1 Process Dialer with call recording

 Cold Call campaign provided designed specifically for MSPs 

 Direct Mail infused campaigns pre-built for any content

 Direct Mail Fulfillment Toolkit (electronic and manual options

 How to Read Performance reports – Daily/Weekly/Monthly performance reports online or via email

 How to Select Remedies for poor performance

 Free software training 

 Live Customer Service

Marketing Tool

$80 month

 Email Marketing – starts with 10,000 emails, unlimited sends

 Blast/Drip Scoring

 Includes Prospecting Drip integrated into Prospecting Dialer - content included

 Email Campaign performance reporting

 Content hosting – Campaign content provided from our content partner or use your own

Partner: MSP Camp

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