What to do Between Pursuits?

Drip Campaign

Taking advantage of prospecting drip is a great way to engage your targets between prospecting pursuits. It allows you to continue to provide educational information that keeps your name top of mind in advance of your next phone call.

What is a prospecting drip?

Prospecting drip involves creating a defined number of emails sent automatically to past, present or future targets at specific predetermined intervals. Prospecting drip can also be referred to as a drip campaign, automated email campaign, marketing automation or drip marketing. However, each of these refers to sending automated marketing communications at scheduled sequence.

Why utilize a prospecting drip?

  • Develop Relationships: Business is built on managing customer relationships and prospecting drip is a perfect way to nurture the relationship between pursuits.
  • Measurable: Drips are one of the easiest, most cost effective, scalable, and measurable ways to stay top of mind.
  • Time Saver: You set up the campaign and the automated emails run on autopilot.
  • Customizable: Prospecting drip provides value not only because you can personalize your prospecting efforts to your prospect, but you can provide content that is relatable and specific to your target.
  • Engagement: Keep in mind, these emails are not designed to be 'salesy' but rather to keep targets engaged, build trust, offer expertise and boost engagement.

In Summary

Prospecting drip is a beneficial tool to utilize between prospecting pursuits to provide targets with the right information at the right time. Thus, allowing you to work smarter not harder to fill your pipeline. Contact Science prospecting drip tool is easy to use and perfectly designed to keep promising targets warm between pursuits.

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