Ours, Yours or Both for Forecasting

Accurately forecasting revenue from future customers is as much Art as it is Science. 

The science component is the arithmetic to do forecasting totals and to calculate a ‘close’ percentage. But, in practice, Art is more important.

The Art component is coaching your Sales Reps to understand honestly where they are in the selling process, how much further to go, and the tactics for how best to get there.

For this reason, forecasting does not need to be complicated.

For most companies targeting small to medium businesses, every deal is different, but not wildly different.  The steps in a strategy to one prospect along the sales cycle is mostly a tactical variation of the strategy used for the last prospect.

ContactScience® Forecasting has three value propositions to address every forecasting challenge. The three values are Simplicity, its Visual Interactive nature, and Accuracy.

For your Sales Engagement strategy, should you use Ours, Yours, or Both

For Forecasting,
ask yourself
these questions

Is your current forecasting software difficult for Sales to learn and to update to the point where the information is missing?
For instance, you may be using Salesforce, ZoHo, ConnectWise or Autotask.

Are pipeline reviews easy to conduct? Is relevant information available?

Is it easy to make changes to the forecast and then see the impact on overall forecast?

Our Forecasting model

provides a specific method for measuring prospect status and value. The approach is simpler to use and makes regular reviews more standardized and accurate.

Your Forecasting tool

is accurate and credible. Just what we need.

Using Both
Forecasting Models

is useful If you like our Forecasting tool but would like to update your CRM to continue to use dashboards already in place.