Ours, Yours or Both for Marketing

Marketing tools help boost the results of telephone prospecting activities!

The classic role for Marketing is Inbound campaigns to generate inbound leads by having phone numbers, Calendly links and webform for prospects to 'raise their hand.' For most companies, these efforts do not generate enough leads, so Sales Reps hit the phones.

Marketing has three specific roles to help Sales Reps when they hit the phones.

These three roles assist Sales Reps in different ways; all of which are focused on generating more conversations.

Email Blast and Scoring

Prospecting Drip

Direct Mail Infused Prospecting

Integrated email marketing with scoring and direct mail tools creates awareness and mindshare, provide valuable data, and raise the temperature of a cold call to a call that is a little warmer. 

For your Sales Engagement strategy, should you use Ours, Yours, or Both

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your current email marketing tool provide scoring that is visible to the Sales Rep as they top-off their call list each week?
  1. Are you paying for features in your current Marketing tool that are not used or do not seem to generate any increase in the appointment setting metrics?
  1. Would a strategy to touch base with prospects between conversations be useful?

Our Marketing tool

Provides the basic support services to Reps:

  • Email Scores into a Reps calling database
  • Prospecting Drip
  • DirectMail fulfillment tools for Marketing

Your Marketing tool

Is satisfactory overall and can provide scoring data to the Reps call list and can implement a Prospecting Drip campaign. Or, these features would not be useful to Reps.

Using Both
Marketing tools

Would be circumstances where parts of your Marketing needs would be best served by ContactScience®.


Sync real-time call data with other tools in your Sales stack.