Process Dialer

A fast, easy and accurate automated dialer integrated into your Roadmap

Enable Reps with a fast and easy process dialer to speed through the process defined in their Roadmap.

With the integrated ContactScience® Process Dialer every dial is made precisely to the specifications of your appointment setting roadmap. The Dialer includes:

  • Click to Dial or Autodial. With Autodial the next target is dialed automatically when the previous pursuit ends.
  • Call Recording. Calls are recorded and placed on caller performance reports and in the target’s history so managers can easily listen to calls for coaching purposes.
  • Optional Voicemail Drop. Reps can record their messages and play them into the target’s voicemail with a single click.

Optionally, an existing VOIP system could become a process dialer.

Most VOIP systems can be integrated to provide the process dialer benefit of click to dial. However, that solution would not be able to do the Autodial, record the conversations or enable voicemail drop.