Telephone prospecting is a simple, straightforward business process.

Most prospecting programs suffer from being overly complicated, difficult for Sales Reps to use and lacking accurate metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses. Here is a simple self-check to evaluate the efficiency of your current program.

ContactScience® is a process-based approach. As a business process, telephone prospecting is totally transparent. Management can use accurate and actionable metrics to continuously improve performance.

With a single report, Management can see whether the Sales Team is

Prospecting correctly, according to plan.

Prospecting efficiently and effectively.

Hitting their dial goals.

For Sales Reps, the process approach eliminates the need to ‘think and remember’ where they are in the pursuit, what to say or send, and what to do next. ContactScience® guides the Sales Rep through the ideal prospecting process that Management has designed.

For Sales Reps

  • The ‘two screens and a mouse’ interface is a ‘no brainer’ to learn (free training)
  • All their mental energy is focused on talking to people, and not on operating software.
  • Scripting for voicemails and conversations is displayed
  • Email and direct mail are sent automatically.
  • Can prospect from any browser, anywhere. ContactScience® is cloud-based.
  • Customer Support is a phone call away if needed.

Accurate, Actionable Metrics

ContactScience® Prospecting reports on itself. Sales Reps do not do anything to report their activity, the application does this for them. As a result, the metrics are exceptionally accurate.

The weekly performance report provides all the information needed to analyze reporting.

To start, Managers need only two metrics to the analysis of Sales Rep performance - the Conversation Ratio and the Appointment Ratio.




The Key Performance Indicators are the two basic process metrics: Efficiency and Effectiveness.


is the ratio of conversations generated to suspects pursued. (Conversation Ratio)


is the ratio of appointments set to conversations generated. (Appointment Ratio)

The core report includes a log of all activity making it easy to listen to the recording of a call, update records on the fly and identify inconsistencies in Best Practice operations.

Manager Training

Managers have three
basic roles in a telephone
prospecting program:

1. Design the plan.

2. Make it easy for the Sales Rep to execute the plan correctly.

3. Review the metrics and identify remedies to shortcomings.

ContactScience® helps Managers to design the plan and to make it easy for the Sales Reps to execute it. We also help Managers to review the metrics and identify remedies.

The Prospecting package includes Manager training on how to monitor, measure, analyze and improve prospecting performance.

Typically, it takes about 30 minutes each week to review and analyze a report with a Sales Rep. In some cases, the Sales Rep can analyze their own performance. Everyone is on the same page.

For many managers, managing a telephone prospecting program and coaching a Sales Rep to set more appointments seems daunting. It is not.

The prospecting process is simple for Sales Reps to operate and for Managers to manage.

Sales Engagement

For companies where the telephone is key to growing revenue, the ‘engage’ element of a Sales Engagement Model becomes the most important.

Keeping the ‘engage’ in Sales Engagement simple is the key to success. That is what ContactScience® can do for you.

Whether you use all five of the Five Screens Model or not; the first two screens – Prospecting – will drive more new revenue.