Sales Loves Marketing

As salespeople, we love Marketing when they help us set initial appointments. We believe that every dime spent on Marketing should be helpful to the appointment setting process

This model shows the activities of Dials, Conversations, and Appointments that feed the Pipeline to potentially become New RevenueMarketing activity motivates suspects to act and, as important, improves the List to be called.

From an appointment setting point of view, Marketing can impact appointment setting in four ways depicted here with icons, which are defined in the chart below.

The top three panels result in exceptionally good performance ratios because the suspect takes actions that make the appointment setting process easier. They are ‘inbound’ Marketing successes. If sales can hit the annual revenue numbers with inbound generated appointments only, life is good.

In most cases, a certain amount of pure ‘Outbound’ Marketing is needed: a proactive process to dial for dollars. From this point of view, the bottom panel is where Marketing can impact the list of suspects available to be called.

Suspects with higher scores should be more agreeable to have a conversation and more likely to agree to an appointment. Simplistically, 1 represents a classic ‘cold call’ suspect and 5 represents a suspect so ‘mentally there’ that novice level sales skills can set an appointment.

Marketing and Sales have the same goal. Succeed at both challenges faced when setting appointments:

  1. The willingness of a suspect to have a ‘genuine’ conversation.
  2. Agreement to an appointment on a specific date at a specific time.

Marketing helps increase the probability of success by ‘softening the beachhead.’ More specifically, scoring those suspects by level of awareness and interest. A simple 1 thru 5 range works.

Marketing makes generating conversations easier. Long live Marketing.

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