Manager Tools

How are you currently measuring the success of your sales representatives? Effectively managing your sales team takes a great deal of time and effort, especially in combination with managing other day-to-day business operations. ContactScience® is a sales engagement platform that is simple, precise, and transparent. With the ability for you to monitor and track which communication methods are producing the greatest results, your business can tailor your prospecting efforts and aid representatives to set more appointments.

How Is ContactScience® Beneficial For Managers?

You're always looking for ways to improve your operations and drive conversions. To help ensure your business makes insightful and informed decisions, you have access to a wide variety of manager tools, including:

What Is a Manager’s Report?

ContactScience® provides a simple and accurate metrics report for managers that displays the current deals in play, their status, and their forecasted value. With just a single click, you can access specific prospects within a contact list to review, confirm, or change data.

Increase and enhance the performance of your sales team with the manager tools from ContactScience®. To learn more, request a free consultation with our experts today!

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Why Contact Science?
Simple To Use
Easy-to-learn software (including free training) that works on any device
Visible Results & Accurate Reports
Accomplish your sales goals fast and view meaningful metrics
Complete all-in-one-system
Every tool you need to find quality leads for your business
Month-to-month payments that allow you to add features as you need them