What is a Sales Engagement Platform?

The sales engagement platform is going to change the way your sales team functions entirely. It is designed to equip individual sales representatives with the tools necessary for success. The sales engagement platform (SEP) allows representatives to streamline their workflow by automating tasks, recording results, and organizing their daily activity, thus increasing prospecting productivity and efficiency. Now, representatives can call, email, engage on social media or text prospects all from one place! Managers benefit from the sales engagement platform as it creates awareness, provides insightful metrics, and improves forecasting. Plus, these platforms can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM.

When converting a prospect to a customer, there are numerous communication methods being utilized. A SEP allows for monitoring and tracking these prospecting touches. This data provides insightful metrics as to which communication methods produced the greatest interaction with prospects. Managers can then apply this data to tailor prospecting efforts to aid representatives to set more appointments.

Thanks to the SEP, gone are the days where a sales representative must shuffle from one tab to another, keep up with spreadsheets, fumble through emails, engage in poor user experience with most standalone CRM solutions or spend unnecessary time locating stored information. The Sales Engagement Platform is the perfect solution to help sales representatives engage with prospects quicker, easier, and more precisely than ever before.

If you are looking to take advantage of all the benefits the sales engagement platform can offer, you are in the right place! For companies looking for a shorter process, more efficiency and better engagement, The ContactScience® 5 Screens sales engagement platform offers an end-to-end process to equip your sales team with the tools required to increase prospecting efficiency, create awareness, and improve forecasting. Learn more about the products of Contact Science.