List Scrubbing

Let Contact Science help you get your 

lists cleaned and ready to Prospect or Market!

List Scrubbing Services Include

Click to Dial feature with local area phone number

Trained onshore caller on proper list cleaning procedures and Contact Science Software

Manager Reports that provide transparency and accountability of caller performance

How it works


Please use this link to register for your account. Your promo code is scrub. The charge will be $65 for the use of the software and phone monthly. This will give you access to all recordings of the calls and scheduled caller performance reports.


Provide the script you would like the scrubber to use or we can provide a generic one.


List of your qualifiers that either deem the contact qualified or not a fit.

Phone Number

Provide the number you would like to be displayed for the scrubber.

Scrub Campaign

Provide the number of days you want between each call and total attempts you want made to try and qualify.

Pricing and Payment

The scrubber is a 1099 employee that you will pay directly. Cost $65 monthly plus $1.75 per dial.

*Preferred payment method is via Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo. 

BookAChat to learn more.