The 5 Screens Sales Engagement Platform

The ContactScience® Sales Engagement Platform specifically focuses on sales teams who depend on the telephone to set appointments to develop new relationships.

ContactScience® approach is to efficiently use a process based telephone pursuit plan. A Sales Engagement model requires three basic elements:


The plan to efficiently engage a DM in the prospecting process


Programs that support the Rep’s efforts to engage a DM


Accurate way to measure status and value of prospects in the pipeline

The ContactScience® Five Screens Platform addresses the Prospecting, Marketing and Forecasting with efficient simplicity. The software is so easy to learn that training is free.

For management, activity reporting is accurate, actionable, and transparent. No blind spots.

The Five Screens

The only thing worse than no plan is a plan that Reps cannot, or will not, execute correctly. Sales Engagement platforms are notoriously difficult to follow resulting in underperformance or outright failure.

The Five Screens Model solves this problem by making the platform easy to operate and adding value to the Rep’s day with actionable management reports.

2 screens


Everything begins with the ‘engage,’ which is what Process Prospecting will help Reps do quicker, easier, and more precisely than ever before.

Success at prospecting starts when managers are accountable for three important items:


Design of the prospecting roadmap for the ‘best and highest use’ of their Rep’s time.


Making sure Reps can operate the roadmap.


Regular reviews to identify weaknesses and implement solutions.

Here is how ContactScience® helps:

ContactScience® assists in the designs of the specific roadmap; and then, Contact Science transforms the roadmap into a process. Training Reps to operate the process is free.

Needing only Two Screens, a Sales Rep will stay organized to prospect 100s of targets quickly, easily, and precisely: every single dial.

Reporting includes manager training on how to analyze a single report to understand exactly how the program is working.

1 screen


Marketing has a specific role to support a Sales Reps telephone prospecting efforts. Companies can spend a lot of money on ‘marketing,’ but sales would suggest spending every dime to help them set appointments.

Regardless of budget, there are three initiatives that should be funded:


The email campaigns that score the interaction with the email serves to identify to each Sales Rep those suspects who are ‘paying attention'.


Allows a caller to send a series of emails to prospects they have spoken with to keep the Rep in front of the prospect between conversations.


Used as a prospecting touch increases conversations because of the uniqueness of the messaging and the precision of the follow up call.

For companies with a proven Marketing tool already in place, we interface into multiple platforms. Learn more at Ours, Yours or Both.

2 screens


Accurately forecasting revenue is as much Art as it is Science.  Science is easy; the math to calculate totals and ‘close’ percentages.  Art is harder.

The Art is coaching your reps to understand honestly where they are in the selling process, how much further they must go for a deal and the tactics for how best to get there.

The Forecasting report is interactive, meaning that from the screen showing all opportunities, Managers can drill down, make changes needed and return to the updated report.

For companies with a proven Forecasting tool already in place, we interface into multiple platforms. Learn more at Ours, Yours or Both.


The Five Screens Sales Engagement platform addresses the basic and most important elements for Sales Rep success. Sales Engagement does not have to be tiresome to learn, difficult to use, or complicated to manage.